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Safe and Sound UAE is a non-for-profit campaign, in collaboration with Finsbury Associates, designed to safe guard families in the UAE and increase health and safety standards within the workplace.

Alongside first aid we also teach expat employees about the laws and regulations here in the UAE and how they may differ from your home country. We talk about the need for temporary guardianship documents to protect your children if the worst should happen and how we are able to provide these documents without cost through the Initiative.

Everyone agrees that first aid is an important skill to have, yet often with the whirlwind that is Dubai, work and family it’s often put to the bottom of our to-do list. Kids Initiative wants to rectify this…

Kids Initiative is a not for profit campaign that provides FREE first aid and family safeguarding workshops across Dubai. Having held over 200 workshops, the Kids Initiative are fast becoming the go to people for first aid training and information on local laws and regulations that could affect expats living here in Dubai.